We at Biotune believe health is not a set mold and rule book, but achieved through constant experimentation and biotuning with one's self, lifestyle and foods. We strive to bring many popular brands together for ease of access. to the people that want to change, optimize and control their lifestyles.

We want to be able to encourage and facilitate this experimentation and tuning by sourcing the best brands and making them readily and reliably available giving you the freedom of choice.


Biotune is an Australian based health food store focused on providing leading paleo, keto, low carb brands and products. If you want to sweeten your life, boost your performance or nourish your body we aim to accommodate to your needs. 

Our products are simple and easy aiding to help calculate your macros and micros (if that's what you do) to choose what ratios of protein, fat and carbohydrates go into your body.

Whether you lean towards a paleo, vegan, keto diet or other you will be able to find a product that can suit your needs here.

We are always looking for other health food products to add to our collection so don't hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or questions!



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Inflammation is a major factor when it comes to performance and well being. It can be hard to see others actions or self confidence inhibited due to inflammatory processes, whether that occurs on the skin or as joint pains. Compiling research is steadily suggesting that there's a significant correlation between diet and inflammation.

The inflammation process is when your body reacts to foreign substances or organisms sending white blood cells to the site to amend the issue. That is generally the positive affect of inflammation. On the negative end, we have auto-immune reactions. This is where your body activates the same immune inflammatory response when there's no foreign substances or organisms present. Some of the most well known auto-immune diseases include;

Multiple Sclerosis
Type 1 diabetes

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Cognition is enhanced via many processes and lifestyle choices.
A few signs of increased cognition are verbal recall, task comprehension and motor function control.
A few ways to increase cognition are by neurogenesis and BDNF routes, along with maintenance and repair through the glymphatic system whilst sleeping.
Neuron signal quality can be a big factor in cognition, and signal quality is effected by the myelination of the neurons. Myelination acts somewhat like insulation for neurons allowing the signal transmission rate to increase. Some evidence supports that healthy fats aid in neuronal myelination.


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