Oyster Extract - NXGEN Wholefoods

Oyster Extract - NXGEN Wholefoods

Wild oysters from the pristine natural waters of the Pacific Ocean are considered a delicacy, valued for their nutritional content.  Oyster extract contains zinc and 59 trace elements that our body requires for correct physiological function of many biochemical pathways.*  

Zinc is found in over 300 enzymes within the body.  These enzymes contribute to the production of hormones for the body and as key ingredients for producing normal levels of testosterone.* 



  • Sourced from pristine and clean waters of the Pacific Ocean
  • Australian Made
  • Freeze dried to retain heat sensitive marine nutrients
  • Third party tested





  • Wild caught Pacific Ocean oyster extract.
  • A good source of essential minerals especially zinc and amino acids .*
  • No artificial flavours, no colours, no preservatives, no sweeteners.




Freeze Dried Oyster Extract, Beef Gelatin Capsule.


Take one to two capsules daily or as directed by your health practitioner.


Contains shell fish.

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