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What are the Signs of Zinc Deficiency?

Zinc is needed to maintain good health.

Although a balanced diet usually supplies all the Zinc a person needs, Zinc supplements may be needed by those who do not have enough Zinc in their regular diet or have lost too much Zinc because of illness or treatment with certain medicines.

Zinc plays a necessary role in a variety of processes in the body. 

Most Common Signs Of Zinc Deficiency:

  • Nausea And Vomiting
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Diarrhea And Digestion Issues
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Headaches
  • Reduced Immune Function
  • Decreased “Good” HDL Cholesterol Levels
  • Thinning Hair And Dry Skin
  • Mood Disturbances And Fertility Issues 

This is a significant nutritional concern for health and well-being.

Your daily Zinc needs can depend on a variety of factors, including your health status, activity level, and ethnicity.

Zinc helps keep your immune system strong.

Because it is necessary for immune cell function and cell signaling, a deficiency can lead to a weakened immune response.

Zinc supplements stimulate particular immune cells and reduce oxidative stress.

For example, a review of seven studies demonstrated that 80–92 mg per day of zinc may reduce the length of the common cold by up to 33%.

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